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Martin Dow Group – A Legacy of Excellence

Martin Dow Group – A Legacy of Excellence

In 2016 a history was made when a Pakistani entrepreneur established a international ties through the acquisition of two manufacturing facilities, commencing a strong relationship between Martin Dow Group and France.

M. Jawed Akhai, a renowned Pakistani businessman , and the Founding Chairman of Martin Dow Group was well-received in France by high-profile business delegates, distinguished diplomats, and office holders of government and state departments.

The acquisition of the two manufacturing facilities in Gien & Meymac, France was a moment of extreme honor and pride for the Martin Dow family.

Martin Dow Healthcare, Gien, France, serves as a one-stop solution for nutraceutical companies, and Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) based in Meymac, France, serves the pharmaceutical sector.

To honor the business transformation, His Excellency, and then-President Francois Hollande inaugurated the pharmaceutical facility and expressed high hopes for Martin Dow Group’s business in the future.

Martin Dow Group devotes its expertise to the development, manufacture, and commercialization, while the support is also extended to the management of various commercial-level projects for global clients.

To date, Martin Dow Group has continued to cement its ties with the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector in France, making an important contribution in fulfilling the medicinal needs of the people in France.

Pakistan’s leading healthcare giant served as a conduit between Pakistan and France in the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the healthcare industry of the two countries. The acquisition of Merck and Roche in Pakistan further strengthened the Martin Dow Group’s position as one of the top healthcare players in the country.

The growth and expansion of the Martin Dow Group in France and Europe is a testament to its unwavering commitment to upholding quality standards characteristic of a responsible pharmaceutical company. Banking on innovation and research, it is providing a broad range of high-quality medicines and formulations that deliver on the promise of better patient outcomes.

Its capabilities span a wide range of therapeutic areas, and its EU GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities are outfitted with robust technologies, dedicated to providing consistent quality and developing high-performing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that excel in terms of efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

Martin Dow Group’s international manufacturing facilities are certified by ANSM, Synadiet, Ecocert, DG CCRF, and Agriculture Biologique, and adhere to the strictest international standards in order to provide results that satisfy our partners’ and consumers’ unmet needs. As per its long-term commitment to the state of France, the management of the company has ambitions to enhance its business further in France through more investments and other different means.

To meet the ever-increasing expectations of our consumers and partners, the company is expanding and integrating newer technologies and certifications under its brand. This enables its partners to benefit from its extensive portfolio of private labels, customized services, and scientific knowledge.

Martin Dow Group maintains a client-focused culture and the success of our partners is a priority for us. We place the highest priority on the safety and efficacy of our products to build the highest trust of our partners. Martin Dow Group has provided employment to various nationals and has proven to be a preferred employer.

The Group has helped Pakistan to gain a healthy reputation in the business circles of France and Europe. Serving as the leader in the pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan, it performed a leading role in motivating fellow Pakistani businessmen to explore business and investment opportunities in France.

Martin Dow Group aims to provide extraordinary healthcare services to the masses and move Pakistan beyond borders resulting in Martin Dow Group becoming one of Pakistan's major pharmaceutical groups. It remains committed to the expansion of Pakistan's healthcare industry through innovation, technologically sophisticated procedures, and the constant pooling of high-quality resources. The management of Martin Dow Group are extremely grateful to the state of France and its citizens. On the occasion of its 233rd Bastille Day, it wholeheartedly congratulates the nation of France.           

It is the first Pakistani company recognized as a Global Growth Company (GGC) by the World Economic Forum in 2013. In the past two years, the Martin Dow Group revolutionized its manufacturing and logistics segments, especially in the healthcare sector, through the responses that its front-line professionals have provided to the company and partners during Covid-19 pandemic times.

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